Fear of germs in reusable bags has caused some states to delay bag legislation against plastic bags. Heavy production of paper bags caused some mills to have lead times of 4 to 5 months. But some of that production was stopped or delayed. Is everyone gearing up again? New York State is moving ahead with their law. How long will it be before other states follow?

It is not easy to know all the laws. www.baglegislation.com is a useful tool, but even that site is at the mercy of capturing the news from municipalities all over the country.

It is likely, though, that the trend will continue, and that reusable bags and paper bags will be the most common choices to replace plastic bags. Cost might be higher, but with reusable bags, a retailer can actually reduce total costs because if your customer reuses this valuable advertising tool, then not nearly as many bags need to be re-ordered. I will spare you the calculations in this blog, but it is easy and logical math—reduce your costs and offer a better bag.

Gary Shippy, President

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