I sit at my desk, all alone, and see through the window a light rain and a blooming lilac tree. Just a little north of here in New Jersey, snow fell in mid-May, and it reminded me of a song by John Prine, sadly a victim of COVID-19.

All the snow has turned to water Christmas days have come and gone Broken toys and faded colors Are all that's left to linger on

Will we celebrate a holiday season this year? Of course, we will. Regardless of where we are or how socially-distant we will be, we will celebrate the holidays. We always do, whether it be good times, bad times, war times or peaceful times. In fact, this year may be bigger than ever as we share the joys of family and friendship and take nothing for granted.

Can’t we just enjoy the Summer? Well, sure, but not if you are in the Marketing Department of a major retailer. You must plan for the holiday now! What will that look like? How many shoppers will come to the stores? Will the internet orders explode?

So many of us are working from home. Let those singular quiet moments work to your creative advantage. We will celebrate the holidays. What will your packaging designs look like? How will they capture this unique year? How will that internet mailer or in-store shopping bag bring a smile and a warm feeling to your customers?

Good luck to your quiet endeavors, and, oh yes, happy holidays!

Gary Shippy, President

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