Printing Guide Sheet


As the purchaser of packaging, you need to understand what type of printing is best for your requirements. Below is a handy and quick reference for the various methods of printing.

Offset sheet fed lithographic—this is commonly used for high end paper bags and folding gift boxes, and the plates are often made with wooden flat frames. The paper is fed through the printer in individual sheets. It is a common printing method where the bags are hand folded and glued.

Rotogravure –this is the traditional favorite method of newspapers where the small print cannot be blurred. It is also Fleet Packaging’s preferred method to print polybags so your artwork does not get blurred as it might with flexographics. The large metal cylinders that hold the engraved plates transfer the image to the film. It is not only a method chosen for quality but it is also chosen for high volume. The cylinders are expensive, but we feel worth the investment for best results.

Flexographic—if you have a simple design and you do not require large quantities, then the small rubber plates used in this method should suffice. The plates will slip a little bit as the film passes through the press, so you can expect less than true registration. Domestically produced machine made paper bags are often printed this way.

Digital printing—Digital recording, digital photography. Why should the packaging industry be left behind? The process is dye sublimation, but what it means to you is an inexpensive way to produce high quality images with no minimum orders.

Other printing methods include hot stamping, silk-screening and spot UV. At Fleet, we can help match your needs with the right method.

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