The Need for Human Interaction

Humans have an innate need for social interaction and contact. The paradox of technology is that we use it to be able to connect with more people and have more fulfilling social interactions. However we have those interactions alone through various screens rather than face to face. We spend more time at home than any generation before us.

Shopping helps with that problem. Shopping is a fun social activity that gives us small amounts of human interaction throughout our day. Everything from picking up coffee in the morning to buying clothes at the mall gives us this sense of human interaction. When people do their shopping solely online they lose out on some of the social interaction of shopping in person.

Shopping in person also gives us a sense of agency. Customers get the chance to pick up the product, try it on, compare different options, and customize it to our liking. It gives us quite a bit of choice and control over our shopping experience. If customers have problems or questions there is typically a sales representative knowledgeable about the product to whom they can speak.

Companies benefit from this type of interaction because it endears the customer to their company. If a company has packaging with their design, it helps to endear the customer more to them. Besides advertising the company packaging imprints an experience in the customer’s mind. Customers benefit from this arrangement as well. They are given necessary human connection and more control of what and how they buy.

We at Fleet Packaging strive toward making that connection between stores and customers. If you would like to contact us about anything feel free to email us at or call us at 866-302-0340

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