Cyberspace vs. Brick and Mortar

Almost twenty years ago, I was at a sales meeting where the Vice President of Sales made a presentation about technology. The world was changing rapidly. People would be able to order everything from their home computers, and they would even be able to see holographic representations of the products they were considering.

Ha! Who needs a store when you can stay at home? What would be the fate of the retail store? I was skeptical. Despite the technology, wouldn't people still want to visit stores, to touch and to feel, to get advice, to have human interaction?

Today I believe we see a blend of both. You can order anything online but that does not stop one from visiting a store. Many retailers have captured the best of both worlds by offering online as well as brick and mortar stores. Just because we have the technology does not mean that we need to use it or even want to use it.

At Fleet Packaging, we can meet your retail packaging needs for your real stores and your virtual stores. As a shopper, I am happy for both options. Despite the VP's prediction, we won't be living in a stir crazy world.

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