It is common thinking that retail packaging produced overseas is all about cost-savings, but the real difference is handmade vs. machine-made. American ingenuity has led to machinery that can do many things and do it quickly. Paper bags, plastic bags and boxes can all be produced domestically at competitive prices. The product is limited to what the machinery can do. For example, the machine cannot turn over the top on a paper bag. The top can be turned over in a factory with workers that produce bags by hand. Typically those factories are overseas. Handmade products can be almost limitless in their possibilities. For instance, if you own a shoe store and you want handles made of shoelaces, then it’s just a matter of sourcing the shoelaces. The workers will tie the knots by hand. In fact, and I have witnessed this, they can tie the knots with one hand, so they actually tie the two knots at the same time. At Fleet Packaging we have supply partners in the United States and overseas, so where the product comes from is dictated more by the specifications that you want than by cost. Tell us what you want and let us find the right source.

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