Here in the northeast, the snow has yet to melt. More may be on its way. I’m a northern boy from Rochester, NY, and am always happy to see a good blizzard, but even I have had enough. I welcome the approaching spring with brighter days and blooming flowers. And beyond that, I get to plan a summer vacation. But you are in retail, and your packaging needs for the holidays should be dancing in your head. Think fleetingly of spring and summer, and concentrate now on something unique for the holidays. Factories, overseas and domestic, reach capacity as early as September. Beat the rush. Here is what I would suggest for custom designed shopping bags and boxes from Fleet Packaging.

end of April—finalize artwork

end of May—approve final proofs

June 1—place your order

August 1—begin to dispatch order from overseas factory

September 1—begin to receive the order in your distribution centers

The above timeline leaves some breathing room to allow for artwork adjustments and unpredicted delays, and it allows you to beat the crowd. No need to stress over deliveries if you think about the holidays now while you wait for the snow to melt.

#packaging #holidays #shipping

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