E-ing vs. Being

E-ing vs. Being

The world of e-commerce has quickly moved in over a relatively short span of years. E-sourcing is the way to go according to, of course, e-sourcers. If you take personal relationships out of the buying process, then you can get right down to what is really important—insanely low pricing. And the e-sourcers practice what they preach. Just try to reach a human being in one of these companies. Maybe you will get invited to a webinar.

But sometimes the world reverses itself. Remember when the phrase “thinking out of the box” was a novel idea? Now it is such a cliché that “thinking out of the box” is really “thinking in the box.”

And maybe there will be a reversal in the world of e-commerce where the being becomes more important than the e-ing. It's okay for a buyer and seller to sit down over pastrami sandwiches and discuss what’s really important in their partnership. It builds trust.

It’s a competitive world in retail packaging and Fleet Packaging will be there to compete with the best of them at the risk of letting you see me spill a little mustard on my tie.

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